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Kidney Stone Blasted!

kidney stone fragments from a 1.1cm stone blasted with laser

kidney stone fragments from a 1.1cm stone blasted with laser during a ureteroscopic procedure

Kidney Stone Treatment is not the same for all

Just the other day we had a few kidney stone cases at the hospital.  These were causing all sorts of pain, infections and kidney problems in our affected patients.  It was time to get them out surgically since they would not budge on their won due to their size.  We use different treatment as appropriate per patient. This, even if the stone is in the same spot or of the same size.  One of our cases in particular, required us to blast the stone with a laser and remove it in pieces.

What happens at times with the kidney stone

You can always have an expectation on what will happen to the stone and what the next steps will be.  We blasted the kidney stone.  The stone was broken into several small pieces instead of being pulverized or breaking into just a few.   We proceeded to carefully remove each of them.  Then we make sure kidney, ureters and bladder are clear of them.  We leave some kidney stone fragments to flow out on their own, when appropriate.  However at times pieces left alone may cause problems in the future.  As in the case of our patient the other day, we removed them to prevent further problems.

We recommend that any person with a potential kidney stone to visit a doctor.  If left untreated, a kidney stone could cause more than pain.  Some patients may suffer from blocked ureters and/or urinary retention and even severe infections.  We can remove many kidney stones.  If that is not an option then we’ll use other methods, including laser blasting.

In that note we wish patients all over the best of recoveries.  Come back for your follow up visit!

T. Greene, MD