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25 year anniversary! Congratulations Patricia!

Today we  are happy to congratulate Patricia H for her 25 year anniversary at New York Urological!

Patricia has been an invaluable team member in our practice.  Through the years she has shown great care for our patients, doctors and staff members.  She has been an exemplary care giver in our office and great point of guidance for our newer staff members.  She has shown tireless commitment to our patient’s care.  For that, many of our returning patients always ask for her if they don’t see her around during their visit.  And those days she’s out of the office, some of our doctors have a hard time finding their way around the office.

Once more, Congratulations on your anniversary Patricia! Thanks for 25 years of caring for our patients!

—“I remember when Pat Holder first joined us in 1988.  She brought to our Practice a refreshingly calm, responsive demeanor and a dedication and commitment to patients that was second to none. Patricia’s approach with patients has always been never to forget that patients come to us with health related concerns and that we are here to resolve them. In the twenty-five years she has been with us she has brought a spirit of collegiality, amiability and kindness that have benefited our patients and our entire staff. We congratulate her on 25 years and consider ourselves truly fortunate that she is with us. ”
John A. Fracchia, MD

–“Patricia is an example of someone who deeply cares about people. She cares about her patients, co-workers and her doctors. She is a team player, a tireless worker and is committed to giving her best at all times”
Marc D. Danziger, MD

–“Perfectly expressed.  Could not agree more with Dr. Danziger”
Jon M. Reckler, MD

—“Patients love Patricia and ask about her if they don’t see her at their appointment.  She was one of the people I relied on when I first started working here 15 years ago.  In addition, the physicians are lost when she takes a well deserved day off!”
J. Bernstein
Practice Manager