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A Kidney Stone, a patient’s perspective

A Kidney Stone, a patient’s perspective

As both a practicing urologist and a kidney stone patient at New York Urological Associates in Manhattan, I can truly sympathize with and have great empathy for our patients who suffer with kidney stones. The old cliché that passing a kidney stone is worse than childbirth is often used to describe the event. However, not having given birth, I won’t attempt to diminish the discomfort of delivering a baby.The pain is serious though.

I developed my first stone approximately 30 years ago at the age of twenty. This was truly an event I will never forget. At that time (1985) I was a college student and an active athlete. I was hit in my side while playing lacrosse and had lingering pain for several days. I was eventually referred to a urologist after blood was discovered in my urine. At that time CT scans were not yet being used for routine evaluation and I underwent an Intravenous Pyelogram (IVP), now that seems like an ancient test. This test involved infusing a contrast agent into a vein and then taking multiple x rays of the kidneys, ureters and bladder. To my and the urologists surprise, I had a small stone stuck in my left ureter. Treatment for small kidney stones at that time was limited to either trying to pass it, albeit painfully or having a “new” procedure called ureteroscopy. In the mid 80’s there was no medical treatment available nor was shock wave treatment developed yet. Since I was unable to pass the stone , I underwent a ureteroscopy and had it successfully removed. Kidney Stone treatment technology has advanced and now many stones can be treated with non- invasive modalities such medical expulsive therapy (i.e Flomax) or with Extracorporeal Shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).  Some stone types such as those that contain Uric Acid can now be dissolved with medical therapy. My stones, however, are calcium oxalate and not amenable to medical dissolution.

Unfortunately I have had recurrences and more recently had to undergo another ureteroscopy, stone extraction, this time requiring a ureteral stent. (A ureteral stent is a thin tube inserted into the ureter to allow passage of urine from the kidney to the bladder while the ureter heals.) Fortunately , the stent is temporary usually removed after several days. Mine was in for 4 days and was not the most enjoyable time.  Going through these experiences has allows me to sympathize with our patients at a different level.  I can give them first hand information about what to expect during and after the procedure.

In the event that you, a loved one or friend develops a kidney stone, we at New York Urological Associates truly understand the pain and are here to provide you with expert, compassionate, empathetic and efficient care.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and 2013 Year end review.

It has been a great year for New York Urological Associates PC.  All the doctors and the staff wish to extend all our patients, referring physicians and supporting vendors a warm THANK YOU and wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year 2014!

2013 was a great year for our office.   We welcomed Dr. Marley to our provider roster. We were able to help many patients with their health problems.  From simple matters that required minimal intervention and advice to our patients to more complex problems that required lengthy treatments or surgical procedures.

We have to say that kidney stones were the frequent winner in 2013.  For some of our kidney stone patients we were able to arrange immediate removal of their stones within our affiliated facilities, while for other patients, we allowed time and medication to enable the stones to pass.  We were also able to resolve health concerns for our Prostate Cancer and Urinary Frequency patients.

Our challenges through out the year were not limited to just health care.  Our practice as well as other doctor’s offices around the area, have been confronted with administrative challenges.  Insurance companies have modified policies.  Prescription requirements have become more onerous; we’re trying to keep up with the changes.  Now we’re starting 2014 with the advent of the Affordable Care Act and awaiting more information from multiple insurers to see how this fits our current insurance contract.  Many of our patients are concerned and so are we.

New York Urological Associates PC welcomes 2014 with open arms, and we’re  looking forward to assisting you during the next year.

We’re happy that you have chosen us to resolve your health problems and concerns and strive to provide you with excellent medical care.  Our wish is to always improve upon our services to you, our patients, and fix necessary areas.  We’re always growing, we’re always changing and adjusting to better serve our community.

Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here!   We have defined some changes in our schedule for the next few days.

We’ll be closing at noon on

Friday December 20th and Tuesday December 24th.

Our office will be closed on

December 25th 2013 and on January 1st, 2013

We hope everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit with family and friends!

Happy holidays!


Avoid claim problems! Coordination of Benefits is the key.

Our office verifies all insurance policies for our patients.  As we go over several accounts,  the importance of up to date Coordination of Benefits becomes more apparent.  We ask all our patients, new and existing to please provide us with ALL INSURANCE information.  This includes our Medicare patients.

On occasion some patients ask “why are you asking for additional insurance? I use only this policy!”  It’s important to understand that there are some rules in place when it comes to having multiple insurance policies.  Unfortunately, even if we wanted to, as insured parties, we are unable to select which policy to use as primary insurance. When we have multiple policies insurance companies have methods in place to determine which of your policies should be your primary payer and which should be your secondary.  These rules apply to all insurance companies and will have to be determined through all insurance policies a patient has.  Once all insurance policies agree, then you have successfully setup your coordination of benefits and will know in which order to present your insurance information to your doctors.  This process may be cumbersome, but once you have set your Coordination of Benefits correctly, you save yourself and your doctors a lot of future hassle.

One of the issues many practices encounter most often is related to patients who do not disclose all insurance information or were not aware of additional insurance coverage.  These cases, while not many, tend to cause the most time-consuming problems from the administrative standpoint.  That is without mentioning all the financial liabilities the patient may face.  The problems arise when the one insurance the patient “always” used recognized their status as incorrect, after claims had been paid (some times a year after payment).  Following this, the insurance would initiate payment recovery procedures with the indication “We paid your claim in error, the patient was insured by XXXXXX at the time of service, please invoice XXXXXX”.  At this point it’s sometimes difficult to collect from the “correct” primary payer and we’re then obligated to collect from the patient.

When looking through the patient’s records we find that even though our forms request ALL INSURANCE be disclosed patients show only ONE CARD and fill in only ONE INSURANCE in their intake form.  At this point we need to collect from the patient because either their other policy is one we don’t belong to or because it’s now too late to submit claims to another insurance because of timely filing constraints.  In an easy case, the affected patient has just the one claim for the year.  On an extreme case a patient would have received services from multiple health care providers during a time frame that could span more than a year, now with thousands of dollars to account for.

For this reason we insist that as an insured party, its important that you disclose all insurance information as well as be sure that your policies are correctly coordinated.  This includes ALL PATIENTS.  As mentioned before, its not our choice which policy is primary payer, our local laws and the insurance make that determination.


Can ED (Erectile Dysfunction) be treated by other means if pills are not working?

Many male patients wonder if there are any treatments for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) in the event that the usual pills do not work for them.

The answer?  Yes, there are several other treatment options that are available for men when pills such as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are not effective. The process starts with an evaluation and examination at our office to assess your problem. Some specialized tests may be required to check the nerves and the blood vessels and blood flow in the penis and these can be done in the office. Using this approach we will determine where the problem lies and what options would work the best to treat it. We have been able to to successfully customize treatment and return 90% of our patients with ED to satisfactory function.


25 year anniversary! Congratulations Patricia!

Today we  are happy to congratulate Patricia H for her 25 year anniversary at New York Urological!

Patricia has been an invaluable team member in our practice.  Through the years she has shown great care for our patients, doctors and staff members.  She has been an exemplary care giver in our office and great point of guidance for our newer staff members.  She has shown tireless commitment to our patient’s care.  For that, many of our returning patients always ask for her if they don’t see her around during their visit.  And those days she’s out of the office, some of our doctors have a hard time finding their way around the office.

Once more, Congratulations on your anniversary Patricia! Thanks for 25 years of caring for our patients!

—“I remember when Pat Holder first joined us in 1988.  She brought to our Practice a refreshingly calm, responsive demeanor and a dedication and commitment to patients that was second to none. Patricia’s approach with patients has always been never to forget that patients come to us with health related concerns and that we are here to resolve them. In the twenty-five years she has been with us she has brought a spirit of collegiality, amiability and kindness that have benefited our patients and our entire staff. We congratulate her on 25 years and consider ourselves truly fortunate that she is with us. ”
John A. Fracchia, MD

–“Patricia is an example of someone who deeply cares about people. She cares about her patients, co-workers and her doctors. She is a team player, a tireless worker and is committed to giving her best at all times”
Marc D. Danziger, MD

–“Perfectly expressed.  Could not agree more with Dr. Danziger”
Jon M. Reckler, MD

—“Patients love Patricia and ask about her if they don’t see her at their appointment.  She was one of the people I relied on when I first started working here 15 years ago.  In addition, the physicians are lost when she takes a well deserved day off!”
J. Bernstein
Practice Manager


Cigna Imaging Claims Reprocessed


Recently, several Cigna imaging claims were reprocessed.   CIGNA reviews imaging claims through their third party contractor MSI.  The affected claims were assigned patient responsibilities which were not due.  Some of you who paid, co-pay, coinsurance and deductible may have received or will receive a refund if your claim was one of the affected. Please note this only relates to claims where imaging services were billed.

You’re welcome to call our office if you have any questions, or email us to askbilling @


New Website, Better Features!

New Website, Better Features!

Welcome to the new revamped New York Urological Associates website!  We are listening to your suggestions and have updated our site to clearly reflect more relevant information for our visitors. We will continue to update a number of features, but for now, please have a look around at the list of new resources!

Get to know our doctors

All of our urologists are here to help you with a wide range of urological conditions that may be ailing you. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is a key element in patient care, so now you can find out more about each doctor’s experience and perspectives. Find out more about their experience, areas of speciality, current contributions & more one-on-one detail.

Request appointments online

You can now submit an appointment request online by filing out the form on the right of all our pages. Our staff will get back to you to confirm your appointment or to provide alternative options. For same or next day appointments, it is still strongly suggested to call our office directly at 212-570-6800.

Stay updated

We have a news section on our site to provide updates regarding  our office and as a medium to provide the latest in urology news or events. We can also be found in social media outlets such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google +.

As always,  your privacy is paramount and we appreciate that our visitors use their best judgment when providing any personal health information online.

We look forward to continue providing the high quality care you have come to expect from New York Urological Associates.