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Dear Patients:    

Dr. Armenakas is proud for approximately the past 30+ years to provide thorough and attentive medical care for all his patients.  However, during the past several years, the United Health Care plans have repeatedly imposed multiple challenges and hurdles which unfortunately detract from the care that he provides. 

The administrative battles to have routine claims timely processed for payment and the restrictions regarding appropriate tests, surgical procedures and medications have adversely affected optimal patient care.  As a consequence of these distractions and forced limitations, in February 2019, Dr. Armenakas has submitted his letter of termination from all UNITED HEALTHCARE (PPO, CHOICE, CHOICE PLUS, etc.) commercial plans. 

As per his contract with United Health Care, we are required to provide a 90-day notice prior to termination.  Hence, the effective TERMINATION DATE should be MAY 2019.  However, UNITED HEALTHCARE processed his termination immediately.  This includes OXFORD HEALTHPLANS.

Any patient in the aforementioned health care plans seeking care with Dr. Armenakas is hereby advised that effective immediately they are “out-of-network”.  It will then be their choice to either continue with Dr. Armenakas as an out-of-network patient, (i.e., as a self-paying patient) or if they prefer, to see another physician in the office who participates in their United Health Care insurance plan.

We regret any inconvenience this may cause but, unfortunately, these circumstances are outside of our control.

Thank you,



Our Hearts And Thoughts Are With You All

Its the hurricane season. We sometimes take this for granted as we do not get the brunt of it. Most of it stays down south and the Caribbean. Today its Maria, a week ago it was Irma and Harvey was earlier this month. However even if their winds don’t touch our geographical area, they touch our hearts. Having several staff members with families in the Caribbean Islands, Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida we understand the stresses and concerns. Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you. Here from our computer screens, we see what the news casters can show us. Some of us have been in these storms ourselves, hearing the winds blasting outside while we huddle in the safest spot possible waiting for it to pass.
These things while unfortunate, always bring us together and always makes us stronger. We hope and pray that all the people now suffering the storm will have a bright day later and will come out unharmed.
Once more our hearts are with you!


Board Of Directors Honorary Membership awarded to Dr. Fracchia by AUA

John Fracchia MDThe Board of Directors of the American Urological Association (≥ 16,000 members worldwide) conferred Honorary Membership on John A. Fracchia, MD.  This will be effective May of 2017.

American Urological Association Logo

According to the AUA, this is an honor bestowed on the few (<100 living) whose diligence and commitment surpasses the AUA’s greatest expectations.  Honorary Membership is reserved for scientists who have achieved outstanding prominence in a field of medicine related to Urology, Officers of the Association, and/or distinguished Urologists.



Happy holidays to all! Its been another amazing year.  2014 brought so many new challenges to the practice, new patients with numerous concerns.   Through the year we tackled all to keep providing you with good healthcare services.

We had multiple interesting and challenging health problems to help our patients with and are happy to say we were able to help in great measure.  From medical treatments to surgical procedures our patients were tended to through the year and even today we have new cases to add.

Thanks all for your support through the year.  We want to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year, 2015! We’re looking forward to leading the way in Urological care for our patients in this beautiful city New York and those who seek our care from all over the world.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and 2013 Year end review.

It has been a great year for New York Urological Associates PC.  All the doctors and the staff wish to extend all our patients, referring physicians and supporting vendors a warm THANK YOU and wish you all a prosperous and healthy New Year 2014!

2013 was a great year for our office.   We welcomed Dr. Marley to our provider roster. We were able to help many patients with their health problems.  From simple matters that required minimal intervention and advice to our patients to more complex problems that required lengthy treatments or surgical procedures.

We have to say that kidney stones were the frequent winner in 2013.  For some of our kidney stone patients we were able to arrange immediate removal of their stones within our affiliated facilities, while for other patients, we allowed time and medication to enable the stones to pass.  We were also able to resolve health concerns for our Prostate Cancer and Urinary Frequency patients.

Our challenges through out the year were not limited to just health care.  Our practice as well as other doctor’s offices around the area, have been confronted with administrative challenges.  Insurance companies have modified policies.  Prescription requirements have become more onerous; we’re trying to keep up with the changes.  Now we’re starting 2014 with the advent of the Affordable Care Act and awaiting more information from multiple insurers to see how this fits our current insurance contract.  Many of our patients are concerned and so are we.

New York Urological Associates PC welcomes 2014 with open arms, and we’re  looking forward to assisting you during the next year.

We’re happy that you have chosen us to resolve your health problems and concerns and strive to provide you with excellent medical care.  Our wish is to always improve upon our services to you, our patients, and fix necessary areas.  We’re always growing, we’re always changing and adjusting to better serve our community.

Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays!

The holiday season is here!   We have defined some changes in our schedule for the next few days.

We’ll be closing at noon on

Friday December 20th and Tuesday December 24th.

Our office will be closed on

December 25th 2013 and on January 1st, 2013

We hope everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit with family and friends!

Happy holidays!


Cigna Imaging Claims Reprocessed


Recently, several Cigna imaging claims were reprocessed.   CIGNA reviews imaging claims through their third party contractor MSI.  The affected claims were assigned patient responsibilities which were not due.  Some of you who paid, co-pay, coinsurance and deductible may have received or will receive a refund if your claim was one of the affected. Please note this only relates to claims where imaging services were billed.

You’re welcome to call our office if you have any questions, or email us to askbilling @


New Website, Better Features!

New Website, Better Features!

Welcome to the new revamped New York Urological Associates website!  We are listening to your suggestions and have updated our site to clearly reflect more relevant information for our visitors. We will continue to update a number of features, but for now, please have a look around at the list of new resources!

Get to know our doctors

All of our urologists are here to help you with a wide range of urological conditions that may be ailing you. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is a key element in patient care, so now you can find out more about each doctor’s experience and perspectives. Find out more about their experience, areas of speciality, current contributions & more one-on-one detail.

Request appointments online

You can now submit an appointment request online by filing out the form on the right of all our pages. Our staff will get back to you to confirm your appointment or to provide alternative options. For same or next day appointments, it is still strongly suggested to call our office directly at 212-570-6800.

Stay updated

We have a news section on our site to provide updates regarding  our office and as a medium to provide the latest in urology news or events. We can also be found in social media outlets such as FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google +.

As always,  your privacy is paramount and we appreciate that our visitors use their best judgment when providing any personal health information online.

We look forward to continue providing the high quality care you have come to expect from New York Urological Associates.