Patient Info

Information for New Patients

Our main concern is your health.  As we try to render the best possible care we need to make you aware of a few office related matters, including our policies and workflow.

Please do:

Fill our Patient Registration Form online, it will save you some time at the office and help reduce mistakes caused by misreading handwriting.

Provide all insurance information in advance of your visit. We try our best to verify all our patient’s policies prior to the date of service.  Verifying your insurance at the time of service will only make your wait longer.

Bring with you or forward in advance and confirm receipt of any medical records pertinent to the reason you are visiting the doctor.  Having that information at hand will save you and your new doctor time and make your visit more comprehensive.  You’re welcome to fax to our office at 212-734-7425 please indicate clearly the reason of the fax and to whom its intended. For followup please record the time and date your fax machine indicates transmission was successful.  It will make it easier for us to look through our fax system when you call.

Arrive a little earlier so you can take care of the last couple of items during registration like paying your copay, reviewing your information one last time and signing our financial policy.

Have your insurance referrals (when required by your insurance policy) at hand when you arrive or have it issued by your Primary care provider in advance and confirm it before your visit.  One of the most common causes for delays in the office is requesting and retrieving referrals at the time of the appointment.

Present your insurance card when you come in.  We require your card to confirm your insurance information and as a reference.  It will be asked for at each visit.

Prescription Refills

If you need a prescription please call our office (212) 570-6800, listen to the message and leave a message on your doctor’s voice-mail.  He/she or a member of our staff will call it into your pharmacy or issue it electronically. Please leave as much information as possible on your voice mail as this will facilitate the process. Please also note that the staff is not present to perform this service after 5pm on weekdays and/or on weekends and holidays.

If your prescriptions require prior authorization please do not call our billing office.  Authorizations are managed by your doctor and our physicians prefer to fill out forms furnished by your insurance company and/or pharmacy. Our physicians cannot call your insurance company.  We ask that you please contact your insurance company to obtain their authorization form.  Please fax your forms to our main fax number at (212) 734-7425.  Once received, the doctor will complete it for you and send the authorization request.  This usually takes 48-72 hours from the time we receive the form.

Please be sure that the forms have your full name, insurance information and other identifying information completed prior to submitting it to our office.

Requests for Medical Records

If you need a copy of your medical records and/or pathology slides, radiographic images, etc. we require a signed request be sent to us by mail, fax (212) 734-7425 or email as an attached image or pdf document to  Your request should contain:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • The name of your doctor at our office
  • Specification on where and how you would prefer it delivered (slides must be personally retrieved by the patient)
  • Your signature