Common Forms

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Completing the forms listed below in advance will facilitate your visit.  Please note that we make every effort to streamline your appointment.  With this in mind, we appreciate a 24 hour advance notice for ALL CANCELLATIONS.  This will allow us to release the time and preparations made for your visit and/or procedures and allocate that time and preparations to other patients.  Should you miss your appointment or provide late (<24 hours) cancellation notice, a fee of $50.00 will be invoiced.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

A PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat is required to open all forms.

Patient Forms | Procedure Instructions | Procedure Descriptions

Patient Forms

The “New Patient Forms” are for both new patients and for established patients whose last appointment was 3 or more years ago. We request that you print and complete the 3-page set of New Patient Forms and fax them to our secure fax numbers. This will save you 10 to 15 minutes at the time of your appointment.

Our secure fax numbers are:

  • (212) 734-7425
  • (212) 861-7964

For new male patients over age 45: In addition to the above forms, please also download and complete the questionnaires below. Please make sure that you have read all of the information; if you have questions, you are welcome to address them with our staff.

Additional forms to be completed UPON REQUEST:

Procedure Instructions

Your doctor will indicate to you which instructions you should review prior to your procedure.

Procedure Descriptions

If you are undergoing any of the procedures listed below, please take the time to read the description of the procedure and what you can expect before, during and following.

The physician inserts a cystoscope (fiberoptic camera) into the urethra and then into the bladder to visually inspect for tumors, stones, etc. This is usually performed in the office under local anesthesia with or without an oral urinary analgesic taken beforehand.  Patients are usually given one or two antibiotic pills following the procedure to lessen the possibility of infection. It is not uncommon to have some irritative urinary symptoms (urgency, frequency, hesitancy) for a few days following the procedure as well as some blood in the urine.
Cystoscopy and Bladder Biopsy
With a cystoscope, the physician removes small tissue samples from the bladder to send for pathological analysis.
Prostate Needle Biopsy
This is a procedure to rule out the presence of cancer. It is typically performed if the prostate is suspicious on digital rectal exam and/or the serum PSA test is abnormal. The biopsy is performed through the rectum. A sonographic probe is inserted, the prostate is imaged, measured and then under local anesthesia typically 12 cores from different locations are taken and sent for analysis. Patients need to be prepped before the procedure with some antibiotics (see instruction sheet) as well as a fleet enema. Patients will experience some blood in the urine, from the rectum and in the ejaculate for up to six weeks following the procedure.