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Genitourinary Reconstruction

Genitourinary Reconstruction

Genitourinary reconstruction encompasses a broad range of surgical procedures whose purpose is to correct congenital or acquired abnormalities. Although many of these are a consequence of injuries, often there is no identifiable cause.

Types of injuries include:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • falls
  • sports injuries
  • penetrating trauma

Examples of commonly performed procedures include:

  • repair of traumatic injuries to the upper (kidney and ureters) and lower (bladder and urethra) urinary tracts, and to the genitals.
  • surgical management of anterior urethral strictures and posterior urethral disruptions.
  • reconstruction of genital abnormalities
  • correction of penile curvature
  • revision of circumcision
  • reconstruction of prior urinary diversions allowing in selected patients better cosmetic result