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Female Incontinence, some patients ask:

Many female patients come to us with similar urinary related concerns.  Some of these may be affecting you as well.  Follow these posts as we address many of these issues.  Please note these Q&A are not treatment advise but simplified answers to general issues that affect many women alike.  If you or anyone you know has some or any of these symptoms, please call for appointment or visit your preferred doctor.  Ladies, don’t your lifestyle be defined by your urinary problems.

Q: Are female incontinence and urinary frequency an inevitable part of aging?
A: Although female incontinence, urinary frequency and urgency are more common in women as they get older, not every woman will leak urine as she ages. If you feel that you are going to the bathroom more often or that you need a pad because of urinary leakage, treatments are available to help manage your bladder.

Q: How can I prevent incontinence and do I have to take medication? Are there holistic treatments for this problem?

A: Urinary incontinence cannot be prevented but it can be managed if the problem is interfering with your quality of life. The first line intention is behavior modification, which includes urinating at fixed interval (for example, every two hours), managing fluid intake based on the availability of a bathroom, and kegel exercises. If these efforts fail to control the leakage, medication is available.